Why am I writing this?

I am old. But so are my other batch mates.

2018 will represent a full quarter century since our batch graduated from college. Maybe it is the age; or maybe it is the booze. In the last six months, as I got together with my college buddies and indulged in some serious revelry - which have become way too frequent, my wife reminds me - we have ended up chatting a lot about life, the journey, and where it all began.

So, I thought that it made sense to stand up a home to chat on various topics related to college life - life, as it was, especially during the 90's but also capture more contemporary perspectives. Everyone that is an engineer and non-engineer can feel free to join in the discussion to talk about their illustrious yesteryear, reminisce stories of the yore, and all that good stuff.

So, read on. And more importantly, write on.

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